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Many different, and sometimes quite exotic, games and happenings are organised in Tampere, but until 2000 there was no organised cricket… even though quite a sizeable expatriate community exists – not only from Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan, etc. but also from England, Australia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, etc.

The young Tampere Cricket Club (at the time the most northern-most FCA league club in Finland) was founded in April 2000, and after only 2 years of development and friendly games, made a successful entry into the FCA League in 2002. In all, our multicultural members have comprised of more than 13 different nationalities and have spoken a multitude of languages !

We are very happy to introduce any newcomers to the game, and also hope that our ladies team will someday re-form. Youngsters are also especially welcome to our KidsCricket programme ! Also check out our youth and development page.

The rapidly developing club even had 3 representatives in the Finnish national training squad of 2003 & 2005/6. And E.Kuchey made the Finnish national team that participated in the 2005 Affiliates Championship in Belgium. The Finnish Youth National Team (YNT) that contested the European Indoor Tournament at Lord’s (London) in February 2006 contained two members from Tampere CC – E.Kuchey & M.Moradi. E.Kuchey was also involved in the Finnish side that were runners-up in the European Indoor Tournament at Kuortane (Finland) in 2008.

Tampere’s Finnish National Team squad members in 2006 were E.Kuchey, M.Moradi, O.Sadiqui, and S.Dass. And E.Kuchey was a consistent performer in the European Division 4 Championship (Belgium) winning Finnish National team. E.Kuchey and M.Moradi were also included in the squad for 2007, and even made the final team that participated in the European Division 3 Championship (Belgium), but Finland finished last. O.Sadiqui was also a member of the team that participated in the Nordic Twenty20 Cup 2009 (Copenhagen), and both he and E.Kuchey were members in the team for the European Division 4 Championship (Cyprus). Other members who have been invited to the national team trials, training camps and to play for the Finnish National Team include A.W.Qureshi, D.Akkil, M.Faisal, T.K.Mehmand and H.Mukhtar. Also former player A.Kumar has since represented Finland.

With a respectable 4th place in its debut year in the FCA League in 2002, the youthful multi-ethnic team was enthusiastic about its prospects in 2003, both in the FCA League, and the various other activities planned for the year, but could only again manage 4th in the league of 11 teams. A tough 2004 season saw the tight-knit team lose a nail-biting Final against SKK1 by a mere 22 runs, after seemingly being on track for their first championship.

Tampere CC were also runners-up in the annual SKK Six-a-side tournament in 2002, and finally secured their first trophy at the annual Turku Indoor Tournament (TIT) early in 2005. Tampere CC were Bronze medal winners in the 2005 League, after narrowly missing out on making the final of the FCA League, and finally claimed the prized national FCA trophy in 2006. A series of unfortunate and contentious events in 2007 ensured that the club finished a disappointing but nevertheless creditable 4th, and the subsequent 2008 & 2009 seasons were even more severely disrupted. After being one of the most consistent teams in the Finnish SM45 league for several years, and notching up a second TIT victory in 2010, we ended up narrow runner’s-up in SM40 (on Net Run Rate!), and then lost in a disappointing promotion play-off match against Vaasa.

The 2011 season started well with a Silver in the defense of the TIT title, but TreCC again narrowly missed the SM40.2 play-offs. A difficult and disappointing 2012 SM40.2 was followed by a sabbatical in 2013, and a strong re-entry into the FCA T20 league in 2014. In 2015, TreCC narrowly missed the final of the TIT, were undefeated and crowned Finnish T20 Champions 2015, and also made a strong re-entry into the SM40.2 league (stumbling at the latter end of the season to finish in 3rd place).

2016 was another exciting season, starting with a Bronze at the inaugural SM-VIIKKO national indoor event at Pirkkahalli where we finished with a Bronze ! This was followed by another strong performance and unfortunately a narrow loss in the final of the TIT-2016 – another Silver ! The outdoor seasons also went well with the lads topping the group of the national T20 group, but then faltering in the Quarter-Finals. A strong finish also ensured a comfortable 2nd-place in the SM40.2 league – just one win away from promotion.

The 2017 season started brilliantly with the team going one better than in 2016 and again being crowned TIT-2017 champions !!! The rainy weather together with key injuries severely impacted both the outdoor training and performances in both leagues, but TreCC also went one better in the SMVIIKKO-2017 – finishing with Silver ! The KidsCricket development through the spring resulted a handful of the boys even facing up to the new BOLA bowling machine* in the nets (* thanks to the Tampere Sports department !) Although also missing much of the season through injury, Tampere’s H.Mukhtar was also named as a Finnish National Team squad member.

TreCC is of course once again hoping to make a positive impact in the indoor competitions, the SMVIIKKO-2018 and the FCA SM leagues in 2018. TreCC also keen to continue its youth development activities.

Details on previous award winners & our TreCC Boards.

Our main objectives are as follows:

  • To promote and support cricket, and uphold the “spirit of cricket“* in and around Tampere.
  • Organizing and maintaining the existing club in order to be competitive in the Finnish national leagues and local tournaments.
  • To encourage and offer cricket as a healthy all-year-round hobby for all ages.

* The “spirit of cricket” encompasses playing fair, sportsmanship, courtesy and respect, and upholding positive values in line with the traditions of the game.

To accomplish these objectives, the club provides all necessary equipment.and also arranges (indoor and outdoor) training and coaching sessions with the aim to promote physical fitness and health. Social and friendly matches of all types are possible, with the choice of ball type dependent on the level of skill — outdoor, indoor, hard-tennis ball, tennis ball, and even soft plastic and foam balls for kids !

We provide “introduction to cricket” courses also at local schools, and also are happy to host a successful KidsCricket programme (started in 2017) for youngsters (aged 7-14).

In conjunction with the national body, the club also provides both theoretical and practical cricket instruction for all facets of the game – arranging introductory umpiring, scoring and coaching lessons. We aim to support all interested members to achieve their cricketing goals !

We welcome all new members – from cricket-lovers and part-timers, through to total novices – to our fun-loving social multicultural club – just contact us !

If you want to know more about us and our recent and up-coming events about cricket, please join our e-mail discussion forum. You can subscribe (free) by mailing to trecc@yahoogroups.com.

Founding details

The four founding members are:

Ryland Gibbs-Harris, Ramesh Bahukudumbi,

Jari Schabel, and Shamim Alam.

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