TOAS is a Finnish non-profit organization that provides affordable housing solutions to students and young professionals in Tampere. With over 9,000 apartments in 23 locations across the city, TOAS is committed to ensuring that students and young professionals have access to high-quality, affordable housing. As a socially responsible organization, TOAS supports various community initiatives, including sports and leisure activities, to promote healthy and active lifestyles. We are proud to have TOAS as a sponsor of the Tampere Cricket Club.

Tampere Cricket Club

Have a look around here, follow us on Facebook, and then come along and meet us at the next training session!

We enjoy playing, discussing, learning about, and teaching cricket, and as a part of Cricket Finland, aim to develop cricket in Tampere and further afield in Finland.

Indoor training sessions are usually held from early January. We go wherever there’s availability: Hatanpää school gym hall, TAMK sports hall, but mostly recently in Hervanta or Kaukajärvi.

On this site you’ll find information about our activities and events, and also on how to join our vibrant young club.

The outdoor leagues typically get off to a flying start already in May, and we’ll be keen to develop even more in 2023.

We are very happy to introduce any newcomers to the game, and also hope that our ladies team will someday re-form. Youngsters are also especially welcome to our KidsCricket programme ! Also check out our youth and development page.

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National League Division 1- Final
Championship match: J team V Tampere CC

June 14, 2016

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